2019 Sports Achievements Awards - Candidate Nomination Form

Please read the instructions before you fill in the form.


Please specify the category or categories most suitable for nominee. Final categories will be decided by the Adjudication Panel:

Junior: under 15
Intermediate: under 19
Senior: 19 or over

It is not recommended to fill this form out on a mobile phone.

Service to Sport

If appropriate, the Adjudication Panel will select an outstanding nominee for the Service to Sport Award.

Candidate's details

Candidate's full name:
Suggested category:
Sports Club:
Age (as of 31st December 2019): (if nominee is over 20, a rough guess is adequate) :
Date of Birth: (only mandatory for age related categories) :

Nominator's details

Name of Nominating Official:
Name of the club of the person submitting the nomination:

Reason for nomination

It will assist the Adjudicators if you provide thorough, clear and concise information:

Achievements (if applicable)

Level of Achievement Details of achievements

Any questions, please contact Sarah Willis on info@iowsports.org.

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