2019 Sports Achievements Awards

Primary Sporting School Nomination Form

This Award is to recognise the primary school that has done the most to encourage sport in 2019.

It is not recommended to fill this form out on a mobile phone.
Name of school:
Name of Nominating Official:
Official position:
Telephone 2:

What percentage of pupils take part in the following

Physical activity: %
Competitive sport: %
Swimming: %

How many hours of physical activity are in timetables for pupils each week:

What range of sporting/physical activitieds does the school make available to pupils:

What provision does the school make for children with disabilities to partake in the activities offered:

What provision does the school make for pupils or members of the community to have access outside of school hours to sporting facilities and sports clubs on school premises:

What projects has the school undertaken to promote sports during 2019. Tell us about sporting festivals, competitions or tournaments the school pupils have taken part in:

Is there a member of staff, parent or volunteer who deserves special recognition for their dedication to promoting sport and physical activity:

Please give details

Please let us know of any other reason(s) why your school deserves to win:


Any questions, please contact Sarah Willis on info@iowsports.org.

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